Boost your brain power.

Ever go to the grocery store for a specific item, then return home to realize that you forgot it? Are you always forgetting dates, phone numbers, appointments and other details? Does your mind wander when it’s time to buckle down on a task at work? From time to time, we all run a blank or otherwise come down with a case of foggy memory. Stress, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition and lack of exercise can all contribute to those “deer in the headlights” moments. While those moments may seem to increase in number as you age, all of this fogginess isn’t inevitable.

If you’re not familiar with the term “nootropics,” you likely will be soon. Nootropics are defined as cognitive-enhancing supplements intended to help users improve concentration and focus, memory, motivation, mood and/or mental energy. Nootropics don’t cause negative side effects, nor do they cause you to crash later. They’re simply supposed to help your brain function at its best. These products don’t necessarily make you smarter, but by enhancing your cognitive capabilities, you optimize your ability to learn—and strengthen your brain’s inherent capacities.

The need for nootropics has been driven by Americans’ overscheduled existence. Our daily demands—exacerbated by the technology to which we’ve tied ourselves—have left many of us frazzled, distracted and unable to concentrate. When we’re pulled in so many directions, it’s difficult if not impossible to perform at premium levels. Details slip through the cracks, we forget important tasks, and we feel fried. When we’re in that state, our brains aren’t as open to learning; instead, we’re just surviving. Getting more sleep, finding time for exercise and cutting stress out of your life aren’t always possible, but what you can control is your nutrition. With a quick and easy daily regimen, optimal nutrition is, well, a no-brainer.

Le-Vel is proud to introduce Expand, an incredible new nootropic product designed to help improve cognitive function. Like all Le-Vel products, Expand is based on premium-grade ingredients and a superior formula and delivery system for maximum results. It’s our latest offering in a powerhouse lineup of products created to give you the life you deserve.

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