Le-Vel, a billion-dollar lifestyle and health brand, launches a docuseries showcasing some of the company’s top earners. Founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, Le-Vel THRIVE products quickly gained a loyal following with the easy to follow three-step regimen. The goal of the docuseries is to show the lives of top-earning Thrivers. Viewers will get a behind the scenes look at four Brand Promoters across the country: Tilly Jenski of Las Vegas, NV, Missy Krempp of Jasper, IN, Mauria Dillard of San Angelo, TX and Jami Lindberg of Chandler, AZ. The 4-part series is an informal “day in the life” format. These women come from all walks of life and took their business to the next level because of their passion for the products and the Le-Vel Thrive Movement.

While this docuseries only showcases 4 women, there are over 850,000 Brand Promoters for Le-Vel THRIVE. In 2017 alone, there have been nearly 200,000 additional Le-Vel Thrivers.

“For me, watching as part of the audience, it’s proof that these are real people. There is no secret sauce. It’s just about wanting to and working hard to help others live a happier, healthier life,” says Drew Hoffman, COO and CLO of Le-Vel. During Tilly Janksi’s interview, she set up and led calls to share Le-Vel’s THRIVE products while being in the comfort of her home with her two-year-old on her lap.

“The driving force is their passion and how the products and company make them feel and how it makes their families feel,” says Hoffman. Thrivers say the products have improved their marriage, given them the opportunity to work from home, and have given them mental clarity and energy.

Hoffman says the series will show that someone does not have to be a salesperson to be successful in this business. He says it will become clear, while watching the videos, that they do the business because they are truly passionate about the products and they want to share the products and their passion with as many people as they can.

“None of these women were doing this simply as a job; they are doing it because they have seen what this product can do.” Says Hoffman. The Le-Vel THRIVE Experience consists of three simple steps: THRIVE capsules, THRIVE Lifestyle Mix, and the revolutionary, THRIVE Derma Fusion Technology.

“I think whether you are a Thriver or not, the series will be inspiring. It is attainable for everyone. You aren’t too busy. It is just a matter of making the decision to take the first step of trying the products and then moving forward and working the business.” Says Hoffman.

The series can be found on Le-Vel’s website at https://le-vel.com/Lander/Documentary200K.


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