Le-Vel Brands will ring in 2018 with the launch of Thrive Experience 2.0. This new initiative is the next generation of the popular Thrive 8-Week Experience, which is known for providing its 7 million customers and Independent Brand Promoters with the “energy and vitality they seek so they can live their best lives through premium-grade ingredients” and “superior formulas.”  It is also the first step in a string of exciting announcements for the company.

To understand what Thrive 2.0 is and why its launch is a big deal, it is important to first understand Thrive 1.0 and what it accomplished.

The Thrive Experience is a lifestyle plan, with the goal of helping individuals experience and reach peak physical and mental levels. The product line consists of premium grade naturopathic formulas made up of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, plant extracts, amino acids, probiotics and enzymes to help Thrivers attain optimal health and wellness.

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The Thrive 8-Week Experience situated Le-Vel as the world leader in nutritional innovation, and ignited the largest health and wellness movement in the world. To reach the top, Thrive 1.0 had to shatter some records along the way. Thanks to the Thrive 8-Week Experience, Le-Vel garnered over $1 billion is sales under 5 years, attracted over 7 million customers, and helped to create over 75 millionaires, thousands of 6-figure earners and over 800,000 Independent Brand Promoters.


It is largely thanks to its sizable and loyal base that Thrive experienced viral growth in just 5 years. Fans of the product took to social media to post positive testimonials, helping to create a “global movement of health and wellness.” With a robust online community, word of the Thrive product and its long-lasting benefits travelled far and fast. Here are some testimonial examples posted online:


“We both are now happy Thrivers and won’t go back to our old ways again! I finally found an amazing product that does what it said it would do!” -Thriver Ruth Rico on her and her husband’s Thrive Experience


“The longer I use Thrive, the more positive effects I see on my health and wellness. I’m now working just as many hours a week as I was before I started my Thrive Journey but no longer feel run down and tired. I’m happy and motivated to wake up every day and see what else I can accomplish.” -Thriver Thomas Sampson


“I still can’t believe I can feel this good after everything life has thrown my way!”-Thriver Sarah Heller


Further examples of Thrive testimonials may be found here: https://le-vel.com/LVLife/Testimonials


Thrive, which is Le-Vel’s flagship product line, is “designed to help people of all ages and lifestyles recapture their wellbeing and reach peak physical and mental levels.” This second product installation was made possible by Le-Vel’s investment in scientific research and product innovation.


A visionary company at its core, Le-Vel is led by co-founders and co-CEOs Jason Camper and Paul Gravette, who are themselves seasoned veterans of the health and wellness and direct selling industries. Since starting the company in 2012, Le-Vel has accumulated more than $1 billion in lifetime orders, earning the company a Direct Selling News’ Bravo Growth Award in 2016. Such an award speaks to Le-Vel’s notable year-over-year growth–the largest in the world in direct sales.


The duo credits Le-Vel’s explosive success to the quality of their products and their ingredients, as well as the company’s unique cloud-based infrastructure. By eschewing the traditional brick-and-mortar mold, Le-Vel is able to direct the money they save on overhead costs straight into Thrive products. In the case of Thrive Experience 2.0, money saved due to cloud-based operations was poured into pioneering research and developing technology to execute this wave of new products and exciting new enterprises for 2018.


Thrive Experience 2.0 is only the beginning of Le-Vel’s commitment to bringing “new, leading edge products” to their customers and Independent Brand Promoters, or ‘Thrivers,’ who will continue to reap the health and wealth benefits they have come to expect from the Thrive Experience.


About Le-Vel THRIVE:


Le-Vel THRIVE was founded in 2012 by Jason Camper and Paul Gravette. Le-Vel THRIVE is a direct sales multi-level marketing business in the health and wellness industry. The company is the only health and wellness company using cloud-based technology for its operations. Camper and Gravette founded Le-Vel THRIVE in hopes of providing nutrition, supplements, and a supportive community of independent brand promoters and Thrivers to allow individuals using the products to not only survive their day to day but to THRIVE. Le-Vel is a billion-dollar company and has over 7 million brand promoters and customers. The company is dedicated to raising money for multiple charities and has contributed to NBCF, Toys for Tots, the Hoyt Foundation, Americares, and more.


 For more information about Le-Vel’s Thrive 2.0, visit Thrive2Point0.com.

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